05 JAN 2024 - Launch website Tidesoftware.be

The Tide Software.be website is live! 

After years of development in close collaboration with our clients with the same digital mindset, Tide Software is now entering the broader market to introduce itself to the travel sector.

Digital Transformation in the Travel Industry

During our more than 15 years of experience as a digital partner in the travel industry, we too often encountered systems that are too restrictive for travel companies and do not meet modern needs. The applications often have an overly simplified approach, or are too expensive, closed and outdated. In addition, we often miss end-to-end development. So we, experts of tech and travel, thought: with today's technological developments, this can be done much better! Our technology is based on a modern, open and scalable vision.

End-to-end platform

The travel sector has some complex characteristics: it works with numerous external providers and suppliers whose offers must be made available, with prices and availability that constantly change, with a demanding customer who is used to having everything digitally available instantly, etc. We have succeeded in making that high complexity accessible.

Automation at your own speed thanks to an all-in-one platform

Our starting point is that you cannot tackle such complexity with an oversimplistic product because then you will quickly hit the limits. You must have a tech suite that provides everything and that you can customize and configure to your own liking. Whether you are a startup or a large multinational: you must have tools that allow you to create, the tools must adapt to your business model and not the other way around.

Customer Experience

In our vision, Customer Experience is central during the entire Customer Journey. From the moment a customer stands in a travel agency or orientates himself online, before, during and after the trip, a uniform experience must be experienced. A fully integrated approach is therefore required. Because the modern world is connected, automated and digital.

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