Customer Relations Management

Manage all your b2c and b2b contacts with Tide CRM and create a personalized customer experience during the entire customer journey. You decide the level of automation using the Tide process engine.

B2C (pre)sales

Get to know your prospects and returning clients better. Contact them with relevant and personalized information to boost your sales b2b, b2c and b2b2c!

Lead management

Automate follow-up emails, set reminders in your calendar from within Tide and send personalized emails based on your own templates.

Profiling (coming soon)

Create client profiles in Tide to optimize sales processes. Define what makes a great prospect for you and use this info to sell more.

Automated e-mails

Automate time-consuming communication flows by sending automated e-mails from within Tide. 


Use automation to improve customer experiences and upselling during your client's trip.

B2B sales

Manage your sales pipeline and build lasting industry relationships to sell smarter.

Log calls

Track all your calls in Tide. Automatically add new contacts and all relevant information from within the call log.

Plan visits

Plan your sales reps' road schedule, track visits and output. Get real-time analytics updates.

Assign tasks

Display assigned tasks automatically to your representatives' accounts and calendars. Stay on top of all competed tasks.

B2B statistics

Real-time insights! Check the number of visits, bookings, turnover, margins, etc. to stay on top of your sellers network.

From CRM to Customer Intimacy

Addresses and contacts

Manage B2C and B2B contacts and target customers, suppliers and partners for an automated email communication flow.

AI-driven content

Use our integrated ChatGPT connection to replace time-consuming manual e-mails and answer e-mails from within Tide.

Personalized e-mails

Automate yet personalize your follow-up communication to increase customer intimacy.

Attract, convert, delight

Sales & Marketing automation

Automate your sales funnel and targeted marketing efforts. Apply dynamic filters for profiling and data segmentation.


Relation insights

Identify customer responses to your products and marketing activities. Monitor real-time data with advanced analytics.

Nail opportunities

Manage multiple quotes

Save time and serve more customers with less effort. Personalized, punctual and automated.

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