Product Information Management

Tide’s PIM is an inventory management and distribution system fully equipped to help you easily create and sell travel programs. These itineraries can be created with full control of every detail.

Full flexibility in supply

Whether you have your own product inventory, use an external product inventory, or want to combine the two, Tide enables you to freely compose travel programs and mix inventories.

If you’re a travel agent that doesn’t use contracting services, just use Tide without any product setup.

Own inventory

Manage your own product contracts.

Third-party inventory

Manage external product offerings.

No inventory

Create on-the-spot à la carte programs.



Group tours, Individual itineraries, Citytrips, Beach holidays, Cruises, Ski holidays, Coach tours, Train trips


  • Air
  • Bus
  • Car
  • Camper

Transport services

  • Car
  • Van
  • Minibus
  • Taxi


  • Hotel
  • Villa
  • Apartment
  • Lodge

Other services

  • Cruises
  • Meals
  • Excursions
  • Insurances

Dynamic packaging

Combine different product inventories to build unique and complete tours and holidays.
Set up automated packaging rules, margins and options for each package and product type.
Real-time calculations to stay in control of your profits.


Predefine your travel itineraries for individual travelers and group tours.

Own inventory

Allotments & availability

  • Flights, cruises, group tours, hotels, …
  • Lists and easy calendar overview
  • Volume - precised - accurate
  • Manage volumes: bulk, detailed & extra detailed


  • Complex pricing rules
  • Currency exchanges
  • Advanced margin setup
  • Detailed multi-layered commission

Business to supplier interface

Give suppliers access to your extranet to allow for real-time reservation views.

Flexible cancelation policies

Set up your own cancellation policies for different products and suppliers.


Define allowed number of passenger types per room or accommodation type.

Request handling

Automatic on-request and free sales communication to suppliers on Tide’s portal.


See availability and price per day for individual services and full packages.

... and much, much more!

Tide boosts an impressive set of features for you to manage own contracting. 

Alerts & warnings

Inform travellers and suppliers, confirm bookings, stop sales and send updates.

External inventory

Of different products such as hotels, flights, tours….

Use single services

Search and book flights and hotels in real-time and directly from within Tide.

Package multiple services

Search and book cached or created packages in real-time from third-parties inventories.

No inventory

Tide works even without any inventory! This can be handy for travel agents without tour operating activities and for specialists for which no two bookings are the same. Tide analyzes all reservations, automatically generating quotations and travel documents. Have full control over every detail when creating booking and beyond. Setup customized itineraries. Plus, Tide makes all your content available for future use.

Manage profits

Price rules & margin calculation

Calculate and optimize profitability by setting extensive pricing and margin rules, commissions and yield management.

Multi-currencies & exchange rates

Foreign currencies

Use both fixed and flexible exchange rates systems and define conversion spreads for financial management. 


Manual control or fully automated

Go for full workflow automation in Tide or have full manual control.

Easy flow

Single contracting, multiple brands

Set up your own organizational structure in Tide and allow for single contracting over multiple brands, units and company divisions.

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