Customer Experience

Today’s traveler is reshaping the tourism industry. Tide anticipates and quickly adapts to this change. We aim for supporting and enabling the best customer experience you can give. Instant. Relevant. Inspirational.

Marketing automation

Automatic communication is an efficient way to keep your customers updated with relevant information at the right time.

Personalized e-mails

Send automated yet personalized e-mails to ease your business workflow.


Segment your audience efficiently with Tide's dynamic CRM filters.


Tide's smart CRM and CMS ensure all info is personal and relevant for your targeted audience.


Enhance all your communication and documents with your brand specific layout and look 'n feel.

Enriched client communication​

Tide automatically drafts beautifully designed quotations with enriched content, visualized itineraries and customized pricing.


Client portal & Traveller app

Delight your customers with a personalized client portal serving as an in-trip mobile app. Mobile first, fully responsive/adaptive on all screens.



Tide automatically drafts beautifully designed quotations with enriched content, visualized itineraries and customized pricing.


Traveller communication

Stay in touch with your clients through automated and personalized email communication and push notifications before, during and after their holiday.


Travel Documents

Design and compile automatically all required travel documents. Customize Tide's templates for personalized documents and send updates on flight or reservation changes.

DTP connection

Brochures printing

Tide comes with a built-in integration of Adobe InDesign© for immediate syncing of all texts and images, allowing you to create brochures more coherently than ever before.

Unique in-office experiences

Tide helps you deliver the best in-office customer experience. We connect travel technology with automated systems for sounds, scent, light and images to create unique presales experiences. When the client sits right in front of you, the context-aware travel software recognizes search results for destinations and products and automatically adapts to in-office screen images, sounds, scent and lights.

Window publicity

Control your digital window display to attract more people in your store.

Custom images

Display pictures and videos on in-office screens. Tide recognizes the destination and accommodation and shows instant images.

Custom sounds

The sound of gentle sea waves, Tibetan chants, howler monkeys in the jungle…  Hear the sounds of your next destination.

Custom fragrances

The scent of the tropical beach, the mountain breeze, the rose garden… Smell your next destination.

Custom colours and lights​

Experience your next destination’s colours and light with Tide’s smart lighting system. 

Adaptive system​

Set the right tone with Tide’s adaptive all sense customization in visuals, sounds, lights and odor.

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