Supplier communication

With instant reservation updates thanks to automated supplier emails and the supplier portal, Tide connects all relevant supplier data to ease your daily workflow.


Request handling

If your DMC doesn't support real-time connection, the communication is automated. Easy set-up of process flows for automated request handling. Send out emails to suppliers, local agents, tour guides, etc. and update reservation files instantly.


Supplier portal

Give limited or full access to local agents, tour guides and third-party suppliers to see historical data, contracts, current travelers, group compositions, upcoming reservations and marketing materials. Tide's secure, self-service portal standardizes the capture, maintenance and visibility of all your relevant partnership information.

​Instant reservation updates

Make all supplier communication and reservation statuses readily available at all times with Tide's automatic data connection.

Direct registration

Keep all files updated without having to check manually.

Reply process

Standardized email configuration enables your supplier's email responses to update the reservation status automatically.


Unavailable reservation requests become immediately visible by the right person who can manage allotments, rooming and pax lists.

No need to manually check your mailbox

Tide automatically updates the reservation with the supplier’s response. Handy, efficient and instant.

External inventories

Real-time API connectivity

Get access to multiple third-party inventories. Search and book your supplier’s content in real-time.

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