Content Management System

Tide contains a high-end headless CMS for central storage of all your texts, photos and videos, that are published on your websites and in  brochures, newsletters, flyers... Smart links to all Tide’s modules (erp, crm, ...) guarantee enriched customer experiences for your travelers.

Headless CMS

Access content on any device at any time from any place. All documents can be edited, shared and published on all your chosen channels.


An unlimited number of languages. Edit multiple versions of the same text next to each other simultaneously for easy translation.


Use centralized and/or single-source content for brochures, websites, app, or e-mail communication. Update content on all channels with a single click.

Open API

Connect your own integrations to Tide. Hook in your third-party websites or applications allowing for a more centralized workflow from within Tide.

Smart search

Use the internal search functions to easily find texts, photos and videos.

AI-driven CMS

Use Tide's integration with ChatGPT for automated content creation, with Deepl for automated translations, with Unsplash for adding images and with Image Recognition for automated photo tagging.   

Automated content creation

Use Tide's integrated ChatGPT connection to automatically generate your required and relevant content.

Automated translations

Use our Deepl integration to automatically translate from any language to any language. 

Integrated Unsplash

Use Tide's Unsplash integration to easliy add pictures to your content.

Automatic Image Recognition

Tide uses artificial intelligence to scan and recognize landscapes, objects and places for fast tagging and easy search for all visuals.

Media Library

Centralized storage

Store, tag, search and connect all types of visual and textual media in one central library, available whenever you want and from wherever you are.


The Tide media library is fully scalable to your needs. Store images in their highest resolution and Tide dynamically adjusts to the chosen medium.

Drag & drop

Easy Drag & Drop feature. Select the photos you want to add in their original sizes and upload them with a single click.

Instant synchronization

All files are continuously synchronized to always have the most recent file at hand, no matter where you are.

No cropping, no resizing

Keep all your videos and photos in their original sizes. No need to crop or resize. All web-based, all fully automated.

Automated Image Recognition with AI

Tide uses artificial intelligence to scan and recognize landscapes, objects and places for fast tagging and easy search of all visuals.

High-Performance caching

Tide comes with a high-performing cache that speeds up the load of all connected websites, applications and high-res pictures and videos.

Your single content source for all your channels​

Push your content with Tide CMS to all your applications and enrich customer experiences on any channel or device.


Client portal and traveller app

Delight your customers with a personalized client portal serving as an in-trip mobile app with all their relevant travel information and documents.

Lead generation

Website & Email marketing

Websites built with Tide headless CMS provide you with single source content for a consistent omnichannel experience.


Travel documents

Automatically generate personalized travel documents. Create your own custom design and templates.

Create brochures

Desktop Publishing

Tide comes with a built-in integration of Adobe InDesign© for automatic and real-time syncing of all texts and images, allowing you to create brochures, leaflets and flyers more coherently than ever before.

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