Document Management System

Short for document management system, a smart DMS can help store, centralize and organize documents and contracts. Automation of the DMS/DAM is crucial in your efficiency and daily workflow.

All File Formats

No need to reformat, resize or crop. Just drag & drop or upload any file and Tide’s DMS-DAM will organize and sort it for you.


Drag & drop, upload, download and share documents

Product manager

  • Contract templates
  • Signed contracts
  • Calculation sheets
  • Hotels visits
  • Files & lists


  • Files
  • Complaints
  • Alllotments
  • Vouchers
  • Tasks 
  • ...

Traveller portal

  • Travel documents
  • Insurance docs
  • Visa documents
  • Vouchers
  • Roadbooks

Supplier portal

  • Contracts
  • Rooming Lists
  • Arrivals/departures
  • Pax & Booking List
  • Transfer List
  • ...

Tour guides

  • Pax & Rooming lists
  • Insurances
  • Reports
  • Cost notes
  • Remunerations
  • ...

Context-aware DMS-DAM

The Tide DMS-DAM detects different contexts identifying underlying links when to use which document.

Smart content

Unique document management thanks to context-aware DMS for speed, workflow automation and efficiency.

Document ecosystem

Create your document ecosystem through tagging, grouping and internal linking.

Document links

Connect documents to products and files and send correct information to the right person at the right time.

Official documents

Tide’s powerful process engine enables full business automation of your daily operational workflows, complete in autopilot, or with manual control.

Secure storage

  • Cloud security
  • Microsoft Azure data center
  • Secured data transfer
  • ...

Centralized storage

  • Stimulate teamwork
  • Access to central storage based on access level
  • Single source for omnichannel
  • ...

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